The Way Things Go in New York

Last week, I visited the noisy, sweltering grime of the city and saw as one does, many wondrous things. I got to see an incredible piece at Moma called The Way Things Go, by a pair of Swiss Artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss from 1987. In a  29+ minute Rube Goldberg machine inspired experiment […]

Looking Forward (and minding the gap)

On Thanksgiving weekend, I remembered how nice it can be when everything becomes unfamiliar once again. That strange way that late December has, when all the usual routines are interrupted and the year gets ready to re-arrive. I just finished watching a film called 2012: Time for Change, by Joao Amorim. It somehow managed to […]

Comparison and the Timing of Two Fine Films

Comparison: to weigh and measure two things to see how they are different and alike, seems like such a rational thing. And yet, comparison is the henchman of self doubt and insecurity. All one has to do is run across a friend on a beautiful day and -ding!-  comparison begins to happen, innocently in the […]

What’s a Good Bonfire?

Good Bonfire is a reference to the book Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki. To paraphrase it for now, the message is Whatever you do, burn yourself up completely in it, like a good bonfire. In other words, leave no trace. In other words, don’t leave strings attached all over the place. For me […]

Rare Air

There are moments when you walk into a room and the air is unlike the rooms you’ve just come from.  When you shake someone’s hand and walk away thinking about the conversation you had, or the simple quality of the exchange.  ‘Thinking about’ is the wrong term here.  Sensing is more like it. I’m not […]

With Affection

In a recent session, a client of mine described sitting down and creating something she’d thought about doing for years.  It had seemed daunting and complicated.  It took her ten minutes.  It was a true outward success, and deeply satisfying.  When we looked into it, a key ingredient in her approach had been affection. I’d […]

Your Year in Review

It’s New Year’s Eve!  The last of the decade, never to be repeated.  I will spare you my own, ‘Hannah’s year-in-review.’  However, it was a wonderful way to while away the snowy morning – scrawling it down, luxuriating in the recollections of my own life after a banner holiday season of three full blown Christmas […]

The Good Bonfire Guide to Being Alive and Well at Holiday Time.

At the Holidays, whatever is happening, it’s also shifting.  The best way to use this guide is to scan and read whichever item feels most relevant, and spend five minutes with it when you’re feeling in a fog, tangle, or in overdrive. 1.  Routine is grounding. Flossing, if that’s your thing, wiping down a counter, […]

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